Coffee Beans

Specialty Coffee

We offer a wide variety of specialty whole bean coffee for purchase by the pound. All freshly roasted and packaged to ensure the best flavor.
COLOMBIAN SUPREMO – Top grade, uniform handpicked beans. Deep mellow body with a smooth rich taste.
JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN STYLE – A unique combination of coffees from Central and South America, that are blended and roasted to be reminiscent of the coffees from Jamaica.
KENYA 50/50 BLEND – A blend of Colombian Supremo and Kenya Nyeri AA plantation coffees, combines the best characteristics from two of today’s most popular growing regions.
SUMATRA MANDHELING SIBOLOGO – Shipped from the Sibologa region of Mandheling on the Indonesian island of Sumatra comes this wonderful, intense coffee identified by it’s unique flavor and low acidity.
KONA STYLE – This premium coffee blend is roasted to appear and taste similar to true Kona Hawaii coffee without the high price.
FRENCH ROAST – Colombian coffee roasted to a dark reddish brown color with a light coating of surface oil brought out by roasting. Somewhat strong, but pleasantly spicy.


SWEDISH DELIGHT – A blend of light and dark roasted Guatemalan and Colombian beans make this a perfect coffee for anytime of day. A full flavored coffee which we use as our house blend.
MOCHA JAVA – The oldest and most famous of all coffee blends, combining the flavor of the Ethiopian Mocha bean with the richness of the Indonesian Java bean.
BROADWAY BLEND – A blend of Colombian Supremo, Brazil Bourbon Santos and French Roast Sumatra. A robust, rich coffee unmistakably characterized by its old world flavor.
SOHO BLEND – A blend of Colombian Supremo, Costa Rican Tarrazu and French Roasted Ethiopian Limu. A good after dinner coffee that gives a hardy bold impression.

Flavored Coffees

CREME DE NOISETTE – Colombian coffee beans infused with the nutty essence of Hazelnut flavor.
FRENCH VANILLA – A blend of fresh vanilla bean flavoring and medium roast Colombian coffee make for a full flavored treat.
GERMAN CHOCOLATE – A double dose of Bavarian chocolate and Colombian coffee that blend well for a chocolate lover.
HAWAIIAN COCONUT – Fresh ground chunks of coconut enhance coconut flavorings to create this taste sensation. Try it iced.
TOASTED ALMOND – A blend of fresh roasted almond pieces and almond flavoring combined with our Colombian coffee.
EGG NOG (SEASONAL) – Great for the holidays with a rich and buttery aroma and a hint of nutmeg.
PUMPKIN PIE (SEASONAL) – A holiday tradition. Enjoy the smell and taste of Moms pumpkin pie, just add whipped cream!

Take Some Home Today!

Decaf Coffees

CAFE DEL CIELO – Features a heavy red gold crema and a sweet floral presence, balanced with a rich note of chocolate. Also available in DECAF.

Organic Coffees

Some of South Americas most intriguing coffees, certified organic and roasted to medium dark color, rich and flavorful. Also available in DECAF.
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